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What? We Support You by:

Python / Asyncron / Parallel

We deliver individual, high-quality software solutions to customers since 2003.

Our year-long experience with the Python programming language and diverse frameworks is the best guarantee for successful projects based on open-source components and commercials components were needed.

Benefit from your experience and our expert network. Read more in Corporate Systems.

Databases / Big Data

You have lot of data?

Our Team reduce and manipulate it to produce meaningful information. We are using Apache Spark native also AWS Glue Jobs.

Hosting solutions

We host projects since 2003. We develop hosting solutions based on Open Source components like nginx, haproxy, apache etc. We can build a cloud solution based Bare-Metal or aws, google etcetera.

Convert Web to data

You need a data from open internet? We can a crawl data for you.

Ask us for details.